Advanced Racing Systems


Session Analysis

The Session Analysis program uses completed session data and displays / prints the following reports:
Fast Lap  -   The quickest lap achieved by each car is split into the segment time and trap speeds for each available track segment. 
Fast Laps Average  -   Similar to the above, it produces the data based on the averages from each competitors five quickest laps. The number of laps used is able to be set by the user. 
Ideal Laps  -   Using the best split times and speeds from the session for each competitor an “ideal” lap for each competitor is displayed. 
Pit Stops  -   Compares in lap, pit lane and out lap times for all competitors. 
Rolling Laps  -   This will find the fastest lap for a competitor based on the cars time from any time line back to that same time line. 
Multiple Session Comparison  -   Multiple sessions can be compared from within an event or between events. 
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